Be one of the 100 people who make a stand this year against domestic violence. Your contribution will help to protect those who have suffered violence at the hands of a family member. It may also prevent others from being harmed.

Now is your time to Take a Stand against domestic violence in Carteret County.  Domestic Violence is an epidemic – locally and nationally. On average Carteret County Communications receives over 1700 calls annually – for law enforcement assistance in domestic violence incidents. Additionally, the Carteret County Domestic Violence Program provides direct services to approximately 300 men, women and children each year.

In Carteret County we need help from PEOPLE for CHANGE – husbands, brothers, fathers, all men who believe domestic violence is a crime. Be part of the solution and make a difference with a charitable donation of $100.

Donations can be made in honor or memory of a loved one or special person in your life.


Your pledge will help immediately – here’s how:

$100 equals 4 hours of counseling time, essential to breaking the cycle of abuse

$100 equals 5 hours of court advocacy, providing a voice, strength and support

$100 equals 30 days of safe shelter to a family of two seeking safety from further abuse



Men and Women, be a Role Model for our Future! Become a “Community Partner” by donating $100 or more to break the cycle of abuse and encourage co-workers, partners and friends to team together to raise $100 as a group.

So, parents in Carteret County, talk to your children. Tell your neighbor, your friends and co-workers about the need to make a public statement to promote healthy relationships & safe homes. Be a role model.  Break the cycle.  Be a person for change.

The name of every person, group or business who signs on to 100 People for Change with a donation will be listed in a full-page newspaper advertisement in the Carteret News Times. Please denote your title, organization or business if you choose. This information can be entered on the registration form following payment.


To join the Carteret County 100 People for Change, donations can be made by June 16th, 2020, via the “Donate” button / link, below. There are no minimums to help and all you do is greatly appreciated.

You can also mail your donation to:

CCDVP, PO Box 2279, Morehead City, NC 28557.


The Carteret County Domestic Violence Program is searching for volunteers to help stop the cycle of abuse. Whether it's helping at our store (Caroline's Collectibles) or in some other capacity, we would love to have your help.

Contact us today and we will discuss how you can help rebuild happy and healthy families in Carteret County.

To join the Carteret County 100 People for Change, donations can be made via the “Donate” button / link on this page, or by mail to: 

CCDVP, PO Box 2279, Morehead City, NC 28557