Thank you to our supporters for our 2023 100 People for Change Campaign! Our 17th Annual 100 People for Change Campaign will begin in the Spring of 2024.

Domestic Violence is an epidemic – locally and nationally. On average Carteret County Communications receives approximately 1,700 calls annually – for law enforcement assistance in domestic violence incidents. Additionally, the Carteret County Domestic Violence Program provides direct services to approximately 300 men, women and children each year.

In Carteret County we need support to eliminate the cycle of abuse for families and children in our community. Husbands, brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and friends, we ask you to become a part of the solution and make a difference with a charitable donation of $100. Donations can be made in honor and memory of a loved one or special person in your life.

Your pledge will help immediately – here’s how:

  • - $100 equals 3 hours of individual counseling, essential to discontinue the cycle of abuse
  • - $100 equals 5 hours of court advocacy, providing a voice, strength and support
  • - $100 equals 30 days of safe shelter, to a family of two seeking safety from further abuse

The Executive Director and Board of Directors thank you for your support!

To support CCDVP throughout the year you may also make a donation toward our Wish List Items. For more information please visit

The Carteret County Domestic Violence Program proudly recognizes the following individuals, businesses, and organizations for committing to transforming domestic violence in Carteret County. We honor our Community Partners for their support and pledge in 2023 for the 16th Annual 100 People for Change Campaign Fundraiser.