Case Management

Case management is provided by trained program staff to assist survivor's with goal planning, location of available resources, and continued support as they work toward violence-free lifestyles for the future. The program provides resource counseling, transportation assistance, goal planning, and is an aid in helping clients to locate housing, employment, and educational opportunities.


Counseling is available to survivors at no cost. The counselor is available on Monday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Please call (252) 726-2336 for an appointment. Support group takes place on Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Call for additional information.

Safe Date Program

Who: School age children, specifically 6th and 7th grade sudents

What: Awareness of various forms of abuse

Where: Churches, Scouts, and other youth groups or organizations interested in the program of instruction

Provide Food, Clothing, Supplies

Our upscale resale store, Caroline's Collectables, provides food, clothing, basic supplies, and furniture to clients. Caroline's Collectables also generates revenue to help support the Carteret County Domestic Violence Program.

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Food Program

This program is funded through donations of food items from local realtors, churches, civic groups, and individuals who donate food items and non-perishable items to support the pantry. All clients residing in the shelter benefit from the food pantry during residency and upon exit while in transition from sheltered client to independent living. Additionally, those who are seeking other forms of assistance, and do not reside in the shelter are also eligible for supplemental food packages.

Minority Outreach
Community Outreach Spanish Translation Available Spanish Literature Available Assistance with Immigration matters relating to domestic violence Advocacy
Court Advocacy Program

Court Accompaniment | Options Counseling | Advocacy

Assistance with Victim's Compensation | Networking with Law Enforcement

Assistance with Federal Crime Victims | Liaison with Legal Aid of NC

Information and Referral

Elder Abuse Awareness

Who abuses the elderly: Adult children, grandchildren, spouse, siblings, relatives, friends, caregivers, and other unknown persons.

Types of Elder Abuse: Physical, emotional, sexual, mental, and financial exploitation.

Who needs elder abuse awareness: We all need to be aware of what elder abuse is and how it can be prevented in our community.

Additional Services Available

These are services that are also available from the Carteret County Domestic Violence Program

24 Hour Crisis Lines
Safe Emergency Shelter
Information and Referral
Support Group
Individual Counseling
Case Management
Emergency Assistance
Court Advocacy

Hospital Advocacy
Transpotation Aid
Food Pantry
Clothing Assistance
Funiture Assistance
Community Education
Safe Date Program
Resource counseling

Crisis Intervention Mental Health Advocacy
Victim's compensation Assistance
Federa Crime Victim Assistance
Elder Abuse information and Advocacy
Diversity Awareness
Spanish Interpretation

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